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We are grateful for the support of the HaSS Knowledge Exchange Fund at the University of Strathclyde and the Department of History Development Fund at Mary Immaculate College, Limerick who provided us with funding to enable the launch of the project.

Thank you also to David Hodgson of dnhdesign for creating the wonderful Bring Your Own Hammer logo and for designing the website.

We are grateful also to Jon Furshpan of Fursh Media for the excellent video for ‘Golden Streets, Bitter Tears’ and Paul Callanan for his work in creating such striking artwork for our first release. Thank you also to Jules Hackett for the wonderful videos for ‘Old Oak Road’ and ‘A Pair of Packed Valises (before the Dunbrody), 1849’

Thank you also to the advisors to the project who provided us with such useful, timely and positive feedback.

Brian O’Neill and Nick Clift at Dimple Discs have also been unwavering in their support for the project .