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Fund The Project

Bring Your Own Hammer is committed to supporting artists in developing new music.  We are keen to ensure that the composers are able to create and develop new material as they see fit and that they have the right supports in place to do so. The directors of the project are grateful for some generous institutional support from MIC, Limerick and the University of Strathclyde, and the efforts and dedication of Dimple Discs to develop the first record, which will be released in 2024.  

We have more exciting projects in the pipeline. To develop them in a way that allows the artists to work (relatively) free from unnecessary constraints and to support them directly in their work, we are asking people, who are in position to do so, to consider supporting our work. We are currently seeking funding for three projects: 

  1. A song cycle on shipwrecks.
  2. A song cycle on crime, law and order.
  3. A song cycle on poverty and work.

If you are interested in directly supporting these projects and the artists involved in them, please contact the project directors, Dr. Richard Mc Mahon, at or Dr. Niall Whelehan at ( Those who donate to the project will receive subscriber benefits including early access to new music and events.